How to Make Summer Reading Fun

Summer ReadingThe school year is almost over and the summer reading lists are out. Some school districts are using a different approach this year: let them read what interests them. This will allow them to read what they want, and in turn, read more. Of course, you can always direct them to read certain books.

One idea is to introduce them to popular book series, depending on their reading/grade level:

  • Elementary (picture books)
    • Frog and Toad
    • Knuffle Bunny
    • Madeline
    • Pete the Cat
  • Middle School (chapter books)
    • Alex & Eliza
    • Harry Potter
    • The Great Library
    • Land of Stories
    • Red Queen

Or let them pick up a graphic novel or a nonfiction book. Whatever will get them to read! Here’s a link for the best books of 2017.

Get them engaged by supplementing their reading with these fun activities. The possibilities are endless! Take it a step further with older kids by letting them practice engineering skills and literacy at the same time with‘s projects.

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