Scratch screenshot

Here’s a brief introduction to Scratch, a free online programming software which is a great tool to get started with coding!

Terms you’ll need to know:
1) stage: where you can preview and test your project
2) block palette: contains all potential instruction blocks (colored sections contain their own unique sets of blocks)
3) scripts panel: where we can add the code for our project – just click on an instruction block and drag it in
4) sprite: your visual elements – new sprites can be added to your project
5) backdrops: choose a new backdrop from the backdrop library
6) green flag: click and your program starts
7) red stop sign: click and your program stops
8) costumes: change the appearance of your sprite
9) sounds: add sounds to your project
10) backpack: drag and drop costumes, sprites, sounds, and scripts from your projects into your backpack to store them for quick and easy use

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