In computer programming, a loop is used when instructions are repeated a certain number of times until a certain condition has been reached, making the condition true. (Two possible values are either true or false: this is known as a boolean variable. The value of 1 represents true and the value of 0 represents false.)

In Scratch, there are 3 types of loops:

  • while (while something is true, the program continues to run)
    • Sleep when you are tired
  • for (program repeats for a specific number of times)
    • Add 3 teaspoons of honey to your cup of tea
  • infinite (program runs until it ends or is forced to stop)
    • While your car’s tank has gas, you drive your car

Why bother with loops? DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) Think: less is more! You’ll reduce the amount of code by using loops.

scratch - cat
scratch - bowtie

When you run this program, the sprite (cat) uses less code than the costume (bowtie), but they have the same outcome.

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