The role of a traditional financial advisor is to help investors build their portfolio based on their needs and risk profile. The best advisors not only strive to deliver high returns, but they work diligently to assure their clients are comfortable with the financial decisions that are made. Above all, trust is paramount. However, due to the ever-growing presence of technology in our lives, a new age of financial advising is fast approaching.

Meet the Robo-advisor! With the use of automated portfolio allocation software, these smart digital platforms do an amazing job of providing cheap, accessible, and direct advice to their clients. Robo-advisors are gaining in popularity as technology improves.

Natalie Cartwright, co-founder and COO of is spearheading this very initiative. Finn AI uses artificial intelligence (AI) along with conversational bots to help individuals manage their money. With the use of AI technology, users have immediate access to a banker bot who can quickly determine and offer assistance with all their financial needs. Watch this video and find out how Natalie strives to use AI to make positive changes in our society.