There is no better way to learn 3D printing in depth than to build your own machine!

Jelly Box 3D Printer
JellyBox 3D Printer
  • Colorful zip ties make the JellyBox  fast and easy to build (and ever faster to break down). Plus, any mistake is easy to undo! Just snip and pull. 
  • Clear acrylic construction to expose the inner workings.  It’s the ultimate anti-black-box
  • Easy Build kit arrives with parts of the JellyBOX pre-assembled to both speed up the build and make sure you everyone succeeds. We carefully chose what parts to pre-assemble so that the hands-on learning doesn’t suffer.
  • You still get the one-of-a kind intro to 3D printing: just faster and easier. Easy Build kit is best choice for parents and kids, 3D printing beginners, in-class and after school programs, accelerated builds, to build with students in regular classes, after school program or summer camps. 

Visit their website for more info.

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