“The impact of computers has nowhere been more revolutionary than in electrical engineering. The design, analysis, and operation of electrical and electronic systems are now dominated by computers, a transformation that has been motivated by the natural ease of interface between computers and electrical systems, and the promise of spectacular improvements in speed and efficiency.” (Malek) One such person who has championed this movement is MIT graduate and electrical engineer, Limor Fried. Out of her small New York City apartment, Fried started Adafruit in 2005, an open-source hardware company.

As founder and lead engineer, Adafruit offers tools, equipment, and electronics to makers of all ages and skills levels. Through her company, Limor encourages the next generation of engineers by offering tutorials, schematics, and all the materials necessary for people to learn how to code and utilize them in different projects. Ever the hands-on engineer, she still personally selects and tests all of the products herself! Watch the video below about Limor Fried, and explore the Adafruit Industries Youtube Channel to learn more.

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